Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Meghna Naidu made pregnant

Meghana NaiduBollywood hottie Meghna Naidu turned furious and has just lodged a complaint to the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell in Mumbai about a hacker who made her ‘pregnant’.

Sources say that a hacker had hacked Naidu’s Gmail account and chatted with her friends, falsely claiming that the actress “was pregnant from a fling with a guy whose name she couldn’t remember” and that she “needed advice”.

However, when the impersonator chatted with Naidu’s publicist, the PR specialist smelled something fishy. “PRs specialize in understanding the psyche of their clients. I take special efforts and time to comprehend how each client thinks, feels, behaves and talks. This person on chat had a subtle devilish sarcasm, and as I know Meghna, she’s cool and clear, but hardly sarcastic,” said her publicist.

However, when sources contacted the actress, she confirmed said, “I was paranoid when I checked my Google chats. This imposter had been chatting with a lot my friends and claimed I was pregnant out of a fling. To add to this craziness, he wrote, I’d forgotten the name of the guy who made me pregnant. All this bogus talk was insane and scary. We complained at the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell. Sadly and strangely, the cops there didn’t seem to be much interested about my case. I hope they are able to track the hacker”.

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