Thursday, December 10, 2009

Replica Rolex Watches and Replica Jewelry

We are living in a generation where style matters a lot. Being stylish and fashionable adds to our attitude. In a sense, style, fashion and the way you cope up with the latest market trends have become our living culture.

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Lindsay Lohan helped 40 Indian children in one day

Lindsay LohanTroubled actress Lindsay Lohan, who has escaped from controversies back home to do something worthwhile in India, claims to have saved ‘40 children within one day’s work’ in the country. The Hollywood starlet is in India for a documentary on women and child trafficking in India for the BBC. The actress posted comments to producer Cash Warren on the social networking site Twitter: “Over 40 children saved so far.. Within one day’s work. This is what life is about.. Doing THIS is a life worth living”.

Later on she ‘twittered’: “Oh, and I’m talking about being in India, focusing on celebrities and lies is so disconcerting, when we can be changing the world one child at a time.. hope everyone can see that.”

“Traffiking is a big issue here, I’m what I can, and I will continue to do so as long as life when time permits it. Time to bring focus to the things that need help in life, never to late to start helping others, however u can, keep telling people about what’s going on in all 2nd and 3rd world countries and people will want to help too.”

Meanwhile, Indians are not far behind in showing concern for the actress. Hindu statesman, Rajan Zed has advised Lindsay Lohan, to take a dip in the holy Ganges so that the Mean Girls star can "rediscover herself".

"Lindsay Lohan should rediscover herself by taking a dip in the holy Ganges. It is believed that bathing in the sacred Ganges purifies one of all sin and its waters confer immortality”, said Rajan Zed.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Save Money while buying Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kareena Kapoor as the new Spider Woman


She is everywhere: on the hoardings, the bus shelters, TV and radio media, the internet, the newspapers and at a lot more places. Well, if you are still wondering who she is, she is the 'Wonder-Girl' Kareena Kapoor, the Gen-Next Diva, who is not just the Numero Uno in Bollywood, but also has replicated the same status in the ad world.

After selling everything from colas to soaps, Kareena, this time round, is all set to promote the Chronotech range of watches in a very dashingly different manner. This is one brand of watch, which has the gorgeous Kapoor chic dressed up as never before! As a part of the promotions, Kareena was earlier seen as the cute and sexy little mermaid. In continuation to the same series, this bomb-shell power house is all to prowl over the city as the spider woman.

One may wonder what does the watch makers have in store, after making Kareena as the spider-woman!

Miss Argentina dies after cosmetic surgery

Solange Guadalupe MagnanoFormer Miss Argentina of 1994, Solange Guadalupe Magnano, died from complications after cosmetic surgery to lift her buttocks.

The 37-year-old mother of two, who has worked as a model in Europe, received an injection in her buttocks intended to restore their youthful form. But after the treatment in a beauty clinic, she had to be rushed to hospital, where she died Sunday from lung embolism and heart problems.

Magnano’s family said her death was a "horrific accident". The Argentine beauty ran a modeling agency in Argentina.

Deepika Padukone-Katrina Kaif at Cosmopolitan Awards

Aishwarya Rai Sizzles sizzles on ramp at New Longines Watch Launch


Beauty matures with age. This fact is been proved by the beauty queen-Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. There is absolute no effect of her age on her beauty. She is still able to pull as much if mot more attraction towards her.

Aishwarya Rai walks on the ramp during the launch of a luxury Longines – Swiss Watch Collection, in New Delhi, India. She looks stunning in strapless gown which she wears for the event.
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan2Aishwarya Rai Bachchan3
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan4Aishwarya Rai Bachchan5
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan6Aishwarya Rai Bachchan7

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tripple Bikini Babes in Housefull

In Bollywood, one bikini-babe is more than enough to carry a film on her shoulder. What would happen if the number is three? Yes, it’s true! There is news that three super-hot babes will display their well-sculpted frame in Sajid Khan’s ‘Houseful’. And the three ladies in question are – beauty queen Lara Dutta, long-limbed Deepika Padukone and sexy Jiah Khan.

What’s more tempting that the long legged lass - Deepika’s bikini-show will be a first time!

Lara Dutta was the first to leak the little secret in an interview. “Let’s just say that there is an ocean dive in ‘Housefull’. I didn’t have a choice about the bikini in ‘Blue’. For ‘Housefull’, there’s a water sequence. So the swimwear is back. It’s not like I’m getting into a bikini for the heck of it,” she said.

As soon as the secret was out, some other meaty news has been made public, too. Jiah Khan would also be seen in a skimpy two-piece in the comic caper. Not only this, Deepika Padukone will also reveal her long-limbed form in a swimwear.

So, ‘Housefull’ offers a sort of triple bonanza on the lines of ‘Kambakkht Ishq’ after Kareena Kapoor, Amrita Arora and Denise Richards revealed their bodies in swimming costumes.

Asgard- A home to metal products

If you are looking to make a metal shed, Asgard is just the place to be. It is a leading supplier of steel storage system which specializes in manufacturing of metal garden sheds, Bike Storage, Motorcycle Garage, Lockers, Home Delivery Box and several other metal items.

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Cheryl Cole’s calendar-The biggest seller of 2009

‘Girls Aloud’ star Cheryl Cole’s calendar has made it to the best sellers list along with 'Twilight' sequel 'New Moon'. While boy band JLS topped the chart, New Moon came second and X-factor judge came third.

Other annual favorites like Manchester United dropped from 2008’s third place to six, and Liverpool fell from two to nine. Sir Cliff Richard, for the first time dropped out of the top 10 to land on 13th spot. High School Musical which was the biggest hit of 2008 failed to make it in top 20 this year.

The chart has been compiled by Europe’s biggest official Calendar-maker Danilo and retailer HMV. “It’s all change on our walls this year,” said Danilo

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cool Direct TV offers on MyTVOptions

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Locate Direct TV provider in your area

Sometimes it becomes hard to find the right TV provider in the locality we live. What could be more suitable- Dish TV or Direct TV?- we just become unable to decide between the two.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Tom Cruise and DiCaprio among most overpaid actors list

Will FerrellComedian Will Ferrell has secured the top position in Forbes list of “Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Star”, which also includes big names like Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio and Drew Barrymore.

The funnyman, who earns 1 dollar for every 3.29 dollars his films make, is ranked first because his film "Land of the Lost" flopped, which has landed him in the top spot.

Ferrell is one of the few ‘Saturday Night Live’ stars to achieve real movie fame, thanks to films like ‘Elf’ and ‘Talladega Nights’. The success of those comedies bumped up Ferrell’s paycheck, but recently that has hurt his return on investment number.

"This summer’s ‘Land of the Lost’ flopped, earning only USD 65 million on an estimated budget of USD 100 million," the magazine said.

The second spot went to ‘Angels and Demons’ star Ewan McGregor.

"Although he appeared as Obi-Wan Kenobi in the three new ‘Star Wars’ films, McGregor is not the kind of actor who earns USD 15 million paychecks. Unfortunately, his low pay couldn’t protect him from landing second on our list, because his recent movies have performed so badly," the magazine wrote.

The other in the top 10 list of most overpaid actors include Billy Bob Thornton, Eddie Murphy, Ice Cube, Tom Cruise, Drew Barrymore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L Jackson and funnyman Jim Carrey.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Easy Direct TV at My TV Options

Finding a Direct TV service provider in your locality has become quite easier, at least with the help of web portals like My TV Options. Everyone knows that DirectTV has become the buzz word in the world of television entertainment. It has just stormed the TV entertainment by providing high definition channels through dedicated service.

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With more than 130 channels at a cheap rate, you are just going to fall in love with Direct TV.

Katrina Kaif defends Salman Khan

Katrina KaifOften misunderstood, Salman Khan has frequently run into rough weather owing to his bad temper and impulsive ways, but now the actor has found quite a shield in his girlfriend Katrina Kaif. Not scared to defend her beau, the sizzler, who is known for her perfect poise, broke her stoic silence about Salman’s archrival Vivek Oberoi, rebuking his actions loud and clear.

The men who turned into bitter enemies post the infamous Ash episode have caused much stir in Bollywood. And the fight that was once considered over was again sparked after Salman openly stated that he had asked Katrina to work with everyone ‘except one idiot’.

Talking about Sallu’s reference to the ‘idiot’, Katrina said, “I understand, and I wouldn’t work with Vivek Oberoi. What he said and did with Salman was wrong. If somebody hasn’t done anything wrong, in my opinion, I’d still let them be colleagues with me. But what Vivek did was genuinely wrong. ”

Speaking about her much talked about ‘shaadi’ plans, the actress seconded her beau’s view on marriage, stating “Indeed. Shaadi toh ek din mein hoti hai na, uske baad toh the same thing happens. So you better be enjoying what’s before the shaadi. Don’t think shaadi is a solution. ’Coz after the two-three days of partying – wohi same zindagi hai jaise shaadi ke pehle thi”.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pick your favorite beauty product online

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Avril Lavigne dating Wilmer Valderrama

Avril LavigneCanadian singer Avril Lavigne is reportedly dating actor Wilmer Valderrama.

Valderrama has previously been involved in relationship with Ashlee Simpson, Mandy Moore and Lindsay Lohan.

According to US reports, a month after filing for divorce from rocker Deryck Whibley, the 25 year old was spotted with actor Valderrama’s arms in recent weeks.

One insider tells Life & Style magazine the couple also enjoyed a romantic night out at Nobu in West Hollywood on October 29.

"She had her hand on his knee and they were whispering in each other’s ear, laughing”, said a source.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Preity Zinta prefers North East India to Switzerland

Preity ZintaActress Preity Zinta may be out of scene these days as far as films are concerned, but the pretty lady has a strong desire to shoot for one of her next projects in the North East parts of India.

During a recent media interaction Preity, who is from Himachal Pradesh, said she has always been fond of places that have a natural beauty about them.

Preity says that she prefers Shillong over Switzerland, and fails to understand as to why Bollywood filmmakers fly all the way to Switzerland for shooting at exotic locations for their film. The actress recommends that they book tickets to Shillong for the same!

Preity also added that she’s very keen on shooting one of her next films in the North East of India because of the fact that it has so much unexplored beauty there.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cheap Kerastase Products for women fashion

Today’s women are certainly going to love this. Women who want to shop for latest and fresh fashion products within a limited budget must pay attention to a web portal called fashion allure. Here you get updated information about women fashion for products related to perfumes, handbags, earrings, hair accessories, watches, boots etc. Here you can buy online for Cheap Kerastase Products about haircare. Similarly you can choose your daily life useful products from the brands like Redken and Paul Mitchell.

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Amy Winehouse undergoes lip surgery

Amy Winehouse

British singer Amy Winehouse who had recently gone under the knife is now flaunting a fuller pair of lips.

The ‘Back To Black” singer’s new look has set tongues wagging, with reports suggesting that she has taken to plastic surgery to get over her broken marriage to former jailbird Blake Fielder Civil.

Her recent photographs provoked suggestions the Grammy winning star may have undergone lip surgery.

"Her lips look a lot fuller, especially her top lip. She’s also used lipliner beyond the natural line of her lips, making them appear bigger," said an onlooker.

The 26 year old is amongst many celebs who have gone under the knife for a fuller pair of lips, with “Mean Girls” star Lindsay Lohan being the latest to join the brigade.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Special offers from Direct Satellite TV

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Sunil Shetty receives Best Actor award at South Asian International Film Festival

Sunil ShettySunil Shetty is a happy man these days. For his performance in the upcoming Red Alert, he has bagged the Best Actor award at the South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF), New York.

An ecstatic Sunil says, "It is a fabulous feeling. In all the reviews of my films till date, a majority have called me 'wooden' or said 'gives a routine performance'. To win an award at a recognized film festival like the SAIFF in New York is a big high as an actor and makes me want to work harder and better."

Sunil goes on to add, "The film is on a Naxal setting and right now, is the right time for the film to come out."

His performance was appreciated by the Jury and the audiences' too. The theme of the movie has a universal appeal. As everybody on planet earth is affected by Terrorism, External or Internal...

The film's director Ananth Mahadevan says, "I am happy especially for Sunil because his performance is being appreciated at a global level. When I took this film to him, he had told me in his humble way, not to make the film with him in a solo lead. But I was sure he could pull off the character of Narasimha and he did."

T.P. Agarwal, Chairman of Producers Association IMPPA and Owner of Star Entertainment Pvt Ltd was present at the SAIFF function to receive the award and addressed to the media, "I am overwhelmed with the response I have received for the film and Sunil's performance. Finally we have received an international platform to bring light to the burning issue of increasing intrastate conflicts."

Friday, November 6, 2009

Victoria Beckham helps Kate Moss find a home

Victoria BeckhamBritish supermodel Kate Moss is getting help of former Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham in finding a house in Beverly Hills in the US.

The two met at a fashion bash in New York and got along very well.

According to a source, "Kate has asked her people to contact Victoria’s management. She wanted to know which real estate agents Victoria used and wants to go with the same people. She’s getting tired of flying in and out of LA and thinks that getting a permanent base in Beverly Hills would be a good idea”.

Meanwhile, Beckham has been getting fashion advice from her seven year old son Romeo.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Find your Direct TV provider just in one click

Television is one of the most common form of entertainment for every household. And since inception, accessing television channels has gone through a big change. Cable and dish tv played a big role in the transformation of television. But now it could be the time to shift towards another change and that is Direct TV. However, cable and dish network provide good service, accessing television channels through DirectTV could prove to be better option.

The best thing about direct tv is- a subscriber has to pay according to channels he prefers to watch. Cable and dish network come with a combination of channels related to sports, movies, news etc. while a subscriber of Satellite Directv is free to opt for channels according to his wish. For example, someone who loves to watch movies, can choose from channels like HBO, Starz, Encore, Showtime, Showcase, Flix, Cinemax etc. Like wise a sports loving fellow can go to opt for channels like ESPN, NFL Network, NBA TV, Goal TV, MLB Network, Direct Kick etc.

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Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra to wedlock on Nov 22

Shilpa Shetty - Raj Kundra

After a series of break-ups in the tinsel town, cupid has returned to filmdom and has struck Shilpa Shetty with a marriage arrow. The superstitious lass who had the media guessing her special date, has finally decided to tie the knot with her beau Raj Kundra on November 22. Pulling filmdom out from the current heartbreak gloom, the stunner sure has given a reason to rejoice and celebrate.

With the invitation cards already sent, sources state that the diva will wed her London based fiancĂ© in a lavish ceremony at her friend-cum-business partner Kiran Bawa’s bungalow in Khandala.

Set to take place in afternoon, the wedding will be graced by who’s who of Bollywood. Confirming the news a source told a news daily, “The marriage will be in the typical Punjabi style, with Raj bringing in the baraat in a chariot. The marriage will be followed by a grand reception in Mumbai on Nov 24.”

Talking about the wedding, Kiran said, “I’m in Montreal right now, but I’m coming back soon. I believe Tarun Tahiliani is designing the lehenga which Shilpa will wear during her pheras. We’re decorating my Khandala place too. Shilpa and I go back a long way, we’ve known each other since 17 years. Her mother ties a rakhi to my father. We’re very happy and looking forward to the occasion.”

Whether Shamita Shetty attends her sister’s wedding, remains to be seen. Nevertheless, with Shilpa assuring Shamita’s presence in the marriage, ‘Bigg Boss’ is bound to draw more popularity.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lindsay Lohan gives a peek-a-boo

Lindsay Lohan

Troubled star Lindsay Lohan gave visitors of a New York store a chance of a lifetime with a tantalizing peek a boo.

Lindsay appeared to have left her bra at home before going shopping. The star nearly fell out of her low-cut top as she bent down in a trendy designer store.

The 23 year old star was checking out the designer clothes – but guess, she should have started her shopping with the lingerie section.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Rhinoplasty can help you look better

Nose plays a very big role in someone’s appearance, specially looks. Today, medical science has blessed us with surgery that can be performed on nose with more or less dysfunction. This operating procedure is termed as rhinoplasty. Basically it is performed to correct breathing problems, to improve the aesthetics of nose or to reconstruct a nose for the purpose of looking better.

Rhinoplasty helps to improve a nose which is too short, too long, too wide or too crooked. The size and shape of a nose can be adjusted. Unwanted bumps on the nose can be removed.

I came across a web portal called ‘looking your best’ which is full of information about the surgical procedures that can be operated to correct physical looks. Here you get all the required information about such processes and can find the veteran plastic surgeons. If you or any of your friends need to know about Rhinoplasty Information in detail, this portal can be a good place to visit. After all, this adds to be a well informed person. How rhinoplasty can help you look better?- how it can help you correct your breathing?- who exactly needs to go through a nose job?- where and how to find a related doctor?- all such querries can be answered at this place. Have a visit to the site for more info.

Aamir and Tabu together again

TabuThere can’t be a bigger casting coup at least cinematically. Yes, you read it right, Aamir Khan and Tabu will share screen space in Priyadarshan’s next flick, which will be based on AIDS.

Priyadarshan has approached Tabu for the flick after signing Aamir for the same. Tabu, who has previously worked with Priyadarshan in ‘Virasat’ is said to be more than interested in the project.

Talking about the film, Priyadarshan said, “I wanted to make this film a year back. But I wanted to see the reaction to my other realistic film ‘Kanchivaram’. Now I know my audience is as open to watching my more realistic films as my comedies”.

The director is presently involved in extensive research for the film, since the project is said to be an extensive insight into the social stigma attached to the disease.

The talented duo, Aamir and Tabu had starred together in Yash Chopra’s ‘Fanaa’, but weren’t paired opposite each other and this will be the first time that they’ll get to work together extensively.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Special Direct TV Packages on offer

Television has become an indispensable part of every household for the purpose of everyday entertainment. And at the same time it has become primary source of information too. From the very beginning cable connection became the source of availing television channels. Have you ever thought that there can be more user friendly and convenient way to access your favorite television channels? Well, I am talking about Direct TV. Have you ever thought to shift for a Direct TV where you get television channels of your interest and choice. For example if you love to watch movies, you can choose from a bunch of movie channels or if you are a sports lover, you can opt for sports channels of your choice. And the good thing is you just pay for the channels you choose to watch.

Thousands of people are leaving behind the traditional ways of television entertainment and are shifting towards Direct Tv. They might have realized that it is the time to shift for Directtv. As a direct tv customer you get 130+ channels which is almost 3 times more than that of cable tv.

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If interested, you can find a Direct TV service provider in your area very easily. Just by putting type of channels, type of satellite receiver and your zip code in their homepage, you will find the best direct tv deal suitable for you on your computer screen.

This Diwali Priyanka and Hurman together

Priyanka ChopraAlthough Shahid and Priyanka’s clandestine affair may be doing rounds in Bollywood, grapevine has it that Piggy Chops’ relationship with Harman Baweja is still a million dollar question???

It is beleived that Priyanka sizzled with none other than Hurman this Diwali. According to reports, Priyanka celebrated the festival of lights with ex-flame Hurman Baweja, rather than her current beau Shahid Kapur. Incidentally, Priyanka and Hurman were spotted together almost after a year at the latter’s Diwali bash.

Said a source, “Harry and Pammi Baweja have their annual Diwali celebration, which goes on till the wee hours of the morning. It also has some B-town celebs attending the party. This year it was a shock to see Priyanka at the party. After her break-up with Harman, she had completely disappeared from Hurman’s life. She even cut-off ties with his parents by not visiting his house. However, she was in touch with Hurman’s sister Rowena, on and off.”

However, it was Harman’s parents who invited Piggy Chops at event. “Although the invitation was given by Harman, it was his parents’ call which got Priyanka to his house. The actress walked in post-midnight and stayed at the party for a few hours”, added the source.

It is believed that Priyanka and Hurman renewed their links during the promotion of ‘What’s Your Raashee?’. Priyanka was like a family member when she was dating Hurman. After their relationship went kaput, she never visited his house. Her attendance at Hurman’s Diwali party sends out a lot of messages to people.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Walking the Ramp with Saif was special for Kareena

Kareena KapoorBollywood actress Kareena Kapoor, who strutted down the ramp for her friend Manish Malhotra’s bridal collection at the ongoing HDIL India Couture Week here with her boyfriend Saif Ali Khan, says it was a very special show for her.

"I have walked the ramp so many times in the past for my friend Manish, but this was different and very special because for the first time I was walking with Saif. It’s always a special feeling to be with him," said Kareena.

Added Saif: "Yeah, it was a lot of fun. We had fun during rehearsals as well."

While sashaying down the ramp Kareena kept looking at the audiences smilingly while Saif managed to keep a poker face.

The front row was occupied by an array of Bollywood celebrities who had to squeeze in to get a place in the jam-packed show area.

Priyanka Chopra, Preity Zinta, Kajol, Imran Khan, Dino Morea, Uday Chopra, Sophie Chaudhary, and Boney Kapoor and Sridevi who came with their daughters, added to the glamour quotient.

The collection was called "Destination Wedding" and the set decorated with white drapes falling from the rooftop looked like a dream sequence of a Bollywood movie.

The line had an interesting combination of colours like peach, ivory and beige. With minimalist embroidery and a lot of bling, Malhotra`s collection was stylish and at the same time sexy as well.

The range had everything a bride could dream of - from lehengas to off-shoulder kurtas, from long jackets to stylish cholis.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Here is your suitable Direct TV offer

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And its very easy to find Direct TV service provider in your area. Just by putting type of channels, type of satellite receiver and your zip code in their homepage, you can find the best direct tv deal suitable for you.

Twinkle Khanna too shy to walk the ramp

Twinkle Khanna

Both her mother Dimple Kapadia and hubby Akshay Kumar have sashayed down the ramp numerous times but Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna says that she is too shy to do it.

"I am too shy to walk the ramp. I am not at all interested. All I like is to sit back and watch Akshay, my mom or my friends doing the honour. You will never see me walking the ramp," Twinkle told at the inaugural show of HDIL India Couture Week that started on Monday.

"I am happy as an interior designer and that is something I am best at. I would like to stick to it," she added.

Dressed in a fuchsia short dress, Twinkle looked gorgeous. Her presence at the event was due to her jewellery designer friend Farah Khan.

"I am here to cheer for her. She is a friend and an excellent jewellery designer as well," Twinkle said.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Priyanka loses out to Katrina

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra may have become the latest favourite of the audience and even with the critics after ‘Kaminey’, but the actress couldn’t beat Katrina Kaif’s Box Office record. Reports reveal that because of the debacle of Priyanka’s latest release ‘What’s Your Rashee?’, the actress failed to score over Katrina’s record of five consecutive hits.

In the recent past, Katrina has given five hits in a row, while Priyanka could deliver only four, one after the other, and her fifth flick in the series with Hurman Baweja, ‘What’s Your Rashee?’ bombed at the Box Office.

Nevertheless, Priyanka’s ‘Fashion’, ‘Dostana’ and ‘Kaminey’ were among the biggest hits of the year.

Grapevine has it that filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar is making sure that Priyanka doesn’t feel too bad about this, so he is reportedly planning to sign her for ‘Fashion 2’.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kim Kardashian poses as ‘Water Goddess’

American hottie Kim Kardashian was recently pictured in her Water Goddess pose. Kim could be seen draped in a sparkling silver material, as she stood in the water and later posed on the beach.

The reality TV star then posted the snaps on her website and fans have been gawping at them ever since.

Meanwhile, Kim’s been talking about the hot tape, which brought her to prominence.

“I was devastated, But when something negative happens, I pick myself up and move on and I don’t make the same mistake twice,” said Kim.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Priyanka Chopra turns hot for Levis

Bollywood hottie, Priyanka Chopra will now show off her curvy figure for international denim brand Levis. The actress has been signed by Levis for a whopping amount.

Priyanka, who has become the brand ambassador of a million products after the success of ‘Dostana’, ‘Fashion’ and ‘Kaminey’, will now model for a special edition of denims called ‘Diva’. Levis has also roped in fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani for ‘Diva’.

Earlier Bollywood celebs like Akshay Kumar, Shahid Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut and Deepika Padukone, had been signed for the same. But now with Priyanka joining in, things are going to get too hot to handle.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Anil Kapoor ropes in award winning writer for Ayesha

When it comes to his daughter, Bollywood actor-producer Anil Kapoor wants the best. He has roped in award-winning writer Manu Rishi to pen dialogues for Sonam Kapoor’s next film ‘Ayesha’.

Based on Jane Austen’s “Emma”, “Ayesha” is a romantic comedy about an ultra modern girl who is wooed by three men. While Sonam is playing the female lead, Abhay Deol, Arunoday Singh and VJ Cyrus Sahukar will woo her in the movie. The film is being produced by Sonam’s sister Rhea under their father’s banner.

For the movie, Delhi boy Rishi had to pen "sophisticated" lines - a complete change from what he wrote for the earlier film “Oye Lucky Lucky Oye”

In ‘Oye Lucky...’, the language was very, very West Delhi sorts and the protagonists were not very well read. But in ‘Ayesha’, the characters are from the up market Defence Colony; they are from English medium schools, etc.

The film has been written by Devika Bhagat with Ritu Bhatia.

Kim Kardashian strips on Twitter

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who is an regular Twitter user, decided to give a rare treat to her online fans by stripping down to her underwear on the micro-blogging site.

The socialite will be stripping for a new advertisement campaign but decided to give her fans a preview by posting a photo of herself in a black bra and pants on her Twitter page.

Kardashian is shown blowing a kiss in the photo, titled ‘A sneak peek at our Quick Trim photo shoot!’

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Heidi Klum first Barbie with Undies

Supermodel Heidi Klum has revealed that she is looking forward to her upcoming Barbie Doll with pink undies. Klum, who is eight months pregnant, said she wanted to impress her daughter with non-naked version of the popular playmate.

“It’s part of Mattel’s Blonde Ambition series. The first one is Marilyn Monroe, the second is Goldie Hawn and the third is me!” said Klum

“I got to go to Mattel and look through the heads and hair and outfits. I wanted it to be my daughter’s favorite, so I’m wearing the glitziest pink mini dress in the world. And it always bothered me that Barbie was naked, so mine has on this cute pink bra and panties,” she added.

Sagarika Ghatge goes wild just in Arjun Rampal’s shirt

Chak De India’ girl Sagarika Ghatge says she shared a fantastic equation with co-star Arjun Rampal while shooting for ‘Fox’ and everyone on the sets made her feel so comfortable that she even agreed to do a romantic scene with just Rampal’s shirt on.

“There was a scene for a romantic song where I was required to wear a night suit. But we couldn’t find anything on the sets that could make it look romantic so Arjun gave me his shirt - it was long enough!” said Sagarika.

Deepak Tijori-directed ‘Fox’ will see Sagarika playing the role of an upcoming lawyer as well as Arjun’s love interest. Sagarika was very keen on the role as she found her character as a woman of today - independent and self-reliant.

It is after a long gap of two-year after Sagarika portrayal of Preeti Sabharwal in ‘Chak De! India’ but she is confident and the actress is ready to face it head on.

“I take the whole thing very positively. ‘Chak De! India’ was a huge success and people appreciated my role with their heart. It’s okay if they remember me for having played Preeti Sabharwal, but at least it’s stayed on. The only way to come out of it is to do a film of the level of ‘Chak De! India’, ” she said.

Her future films include ‘Raftaar 24 X 7’ as well as an untitled project with JP Dutta.

Bipasha Basu sizzles on Harper’s Bazaar India ( September 2009)

The Black beauty of Bollywood, Bipasha Basu looks sizzling in black Giorgio Armani dress for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine’s Indian Edition for the month of September 2009.It is a Fall Fashion edition from Harper’s Bazaar.

In addition to this she is also seen wearing D&G, Bottega Veneta, Pucci fabrics. She also wears the gown version of the Marilyn Monroe print gown. The 60’s vibe she is portraying through the dresses and her muscle show are indeed hot. It is refreshing to see an actress who takes care of her body.

Bipasha through her hot scans for Harper’s Bazaar sends a message to woman to workout and stay healthy and achieve it through normal means. Her Armani shot is wonderful lighting, her figure is highlighted, and the gown shine.

Any normal being would fall off the treadmill trying to get a body like that! So, just rush to the stores and get the latest copy of Harper’s Bazaar before it runs out of stock coz, this one is too good to last for long.