Sunday, August 31, 2008

Unforgettable Tour becomes forgettable

Despite the hype surrounding the Bachchans’ Unforgettable tour for two months, the first segment of the tour has been called off abruptly. After the London leg of the show, the performances scheduled in Rotterdam and Oberhausen have been cancelled at the last minute, as the promoters of the show were not too keen on them.

Fans who had purchased tickets in Rotterdam and Oberhausen, were very disappointed as the tour was called off at the last minute but nothing could be done about it. The local promoters defaulted at the last minute making it impossible for us to continue with the shows.”

However, different version was also heard. It was said that the tour has been called off due to the lack of response from the audience. However, one of the main reasons for calling off the tour is mediocre ticket sales.

The tickets are very expensive and ‘the meet and greet with the stars’ comes at an additional price. Also, as compared to the Unforgettable tour, the tickets of SRK’s Temptations shows were much cheaper. Considering another Temptations tour being in the offing in Europe including Germany, Bollywood fans were in no mood to buy expensive tickets for the Unforgettable tour.”

Amitabh Bachchan said , “The promoters of the show have defaulted on the contract… I’m not authorised to give a comment on this. And ticket price is not an issue. All our other nine shows in Canada, Trinidad and in entire USA and London were sold out.’

Meanwhile, music composer Shekhar, who is part of the tour, has a different take. He said, “Considering the fact that we are planning to have our segment of the show in Europe, we had an afterthought about doing the shows now in Rotterdam and Oberhausen. We have now scheduled shows in the said European cities for our second segment in Europe.”

Now, that’s a lot of reasons for the cancellation of the shows.

Anees Bazmee offered Rs. 51 crores to direct a bouquet of 3 films

Super success of Singh Is Kinng has certainly raised the bar higher up for Bollywood. Till about a couple of years back, Rs. 50 crores final total for a film meant that champagne bottles were ready to be corked. However, now with movies like Om Shanti Om and Singh Is Kinng topping Rs. 40 crores in the first week itself, Rs. 50 crores final total is passé. In the times when Rs. 100 crores for a movie is seen to be pretty achievable within next six months itself, what with biggies like Chandni Chowk To China, Ghajini and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi arriving soon at the box office, the pay package of everyone out there in Bollywood has seen an exponential increase. This is why it is not just the top actors who see their remuneration in excess of Rs. 10 crores; even top directors too are commanding a huge price.

One such filmmaker is writer-director Anees Bazmee who, post the hat trick of success of No Entry, Welcome and Singh Is Kinng, has been offered as much as Rs. 51 crores by a top corporate house for a bouquet of 3 films. Not just that he is also given full freedom to pick subjects and actors of his choice over a period of time, he has also been extended flat 21 crores as a signing amount. It is an unheard of money and quite unprecedented. Something of this scale has never happened before for a Bollywood director but Anees bhai’s track record has forced producers to talk big money. Anees bhai is keeping tight lipped about the entire offer since he would rather sign on the dotted line before making any declaration of sorts.

Vidya Balan express her love for SRK

Vidya Balan made a shocking statement quite recently. She declared her love for Shah Rukh Khan and even went on to state that for him, she would be even willing to kill Gauri Khan. However, it is quite obvious that she said so in light humor as all this chit-chat happened on the 'Sajid Superstars' show.

On being asked about her crush, Vidya Balan didn't bat an eyelid as she only mentioned one name - Shah Rukh Khan! When warned by Sajid Khan that Gauri Khan could well be watching the show, she confessed that for getting the man of her dreams, she would even be willing to kill Gauri Khan!

She did mention her disappointment though for missing out on being even nominated for Bhool Bhulaiyaa. Though she gave her heart, body and soul for the role of a woman possessed and saw some critical and commercial acclaim for the film, she was left perplexed when award functions ignored her completely. In fact one of her scenes from the film even made it to the best scenes selected by Sajid Khan.

Her worst scene was an embarrassment for her though as a sequence from her tele-serial 'Hum Paanch', which was aired years back on TV. No wonder, she was red faced all through the duration as the scene played.

She also mentioned about how uncomfortable she was about the thought of enacting a love making scene with Sanjay Dutt for Parineeta. In fact a few weeks back, even Sanjay Dutt had mentioned that it was quite strange to shoot for the scene since director Pradeep Sarkar insisted in dozens of retakes before the scene was finally canned!

Sajid however didn't have a heart to listen to what Vidya had to say, especially when she opened her mouth to sing a song. The moment she started singing 'Pal Pal' from Lage Raho Munnabhai, Sajid went off to sleep!

While she was all fun in making her dancing entry into the show with the song 'Dholna' [Heyy Babyy], things turned a little serious as she was asked to reveal some bitter truths. In a round of controversial questions which followed, she was asked about her role in the Shahid-Kareena break-up. In addition, she was also grilled about her involvement with John Abraham. She did come up with smart answers for two of the biggest controversies of her personal life ever since she entered celluloid.

Casting couch is very much a reality in the Bollywood

It's probably always been a part of Bollywood, but it never fails to shock. Casting couch is very much a reality in the industry that ironically presents a rosy view of life. But few choose to speak about this menace, for reasons that are obvious – career concerns, fear of retribution, backlash from peers, and so on.

Behind the smiles and the makeup lie the pain of compromises, the lack of trust and maybe even regret, all masked to earn the daily bread, with some butter on it. When the cream of Bollywood – the A-list names was asked, they opposed to pass a single comment about the casting couch.

Then when the second rung of actors and actresses, who are somewhere between 'strugglers' and 'A-listerswere targeted they too are reluctant to talk about the menace, mainly because they don't want to rock the boat that might take them to stardom.

Some, however, were willing to speak up on conditions of anonymity. Model and actor Aryan Vaid boldly agreed to talk about his experiences. "I have been propositioned by one of Bollywood's biggest directors. I have been offered money to sleep with politicians by one of the biggest ever producers in Bollywood. These things keep happening but no one forces you in the industry," he says. Dale Bhagwagar, who is publicist to the likes of Shilpa Shetty and Hrithik Roshan, says: "When people are in a position of power a world of opportunity is open to them. With beautiful people around, the couch is just another pleasure trip that many choose to take."

The most vocal group was perhaps what we derogatorily call the 'strugglers'. The worst affected by the casting couch, they are exploited as they struggle to make ends meet in the hope that someday the world will sit up and take notice of them. They're more than willing to talk, for two reasons – an opportunity to air their grievances and free publicity .
Agrees model Hazel, who made her debut on silver screen with Robbie Grewal's Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar opposite actor Ruslan Mumtaz, has encountered once such situation. While she was a struggling actress, she was asked to return few 'favours' to get a meaty role in a movie.

Recalling that incident she says, "It was a nightmare. I had no knowledge of Hindi then. The director said that I could audition in English," she states. The director told Hazel that she would be playing a supermodel in the film. She continues, "The director told me that the opening scene would have me stepping out of a swimming pool in a bikini. He said he wanted to see how I looked in one. I told him that I did not have a bikini with me and couldn't audition in one.I was shocked when he asked me to strip and pose in my undergarments instead."

After talking to some of them, you realize that there are very few who might have escaped the couch. Yes, few are caught in the act, but most grin and bear it and give their bodies in return for fame, fortune and wards. Surprise, surprise – not many even consider this swap immoral. All is fair in love and the search for success.

Actress Nandini Jhumani simplifies it thus: "It's a game of give and take. If two people are okay with what they are doing, then it's a win-win situation. We all know that without talent one can't get far. Sex is only a tool."

Two of them who had a tough time battling the lecherous eyes of Bollywood's bad boys are item girls Liza Malik and Nikita. Both have just started out in the industry but have had experiences that will shock you. While Nikita accuses one of the big producers in the industry of attempted rape, Liza alleges that a director who was recently nominated in the best director category of IIFA tried to misbehave with her.

Because there is no way to substantiate the accusations, because the old order might change but casting couch is handed down, because there are careers and livelihoods at stake, because the menace is very much a part of being a star, one has to bite the bullet & live by it.

Shilpa Shetty -The Sizzling Host

One of the best-known names from the Hindi film industry, Shilpa Shetty is a treat to the eyes and with her magnificent aura, scorches every stage she steps on.

Shilpa was nominated for her first film Baazigar and delivered several hits like Main Khiladi Tu Anari, Dus, and Dhadkan, but shot to worldwide fame only when she participated in and won Celebrity Big Brother.

Known for sharing a great rapport with her co-stars, she is the only Bollywood actress who has done a split on screen. Not only does Shilpa have the best body in Bollywood, she is also one of the most graceful dancers around.

This celebrity is one of the rare few who have had the opportunity to attend a reception at the House of Commons, and also to meet the then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair. She was also invited to meet with Queen Elizabeth II in London in 2007.

The multi talented Shilpa Shetty has been involved with BBC World Service Trust television to fight against HIV-AIDS in India and has also joined PETA as part of an advertising campaign against the use of wild animals in circuses.

Despite having several awards and accolades to her name, this winner of the Celebrity Big Brother has proved her mettle through the years and is now appearing on Colors TV to host Bigg Boss - Season 2. All eyes are now on this sizzling lady as she readies to do her thing in the upcoming show!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Lara on Salman's Hit List

After Shah Rukh Khan, it seems Lara Dutta is now on Sallu's hit list. Sources reveal that there was obvious tension between the two on the sets of “10 Ka Dum” during the shooting of the grand finale.

Last week, Salman shot for the final episode of the first season along with guests such as Rani Mukerji, Anu Malik, Rakhi Sawant, Shakeel and Lara Dutta.

While Salman mingled with Rakhi and Rani and even entertained them with his one-liners, he didn't bother much about Lara. Even though Salman asked them both a common question, he was more interactive with Rani than Lara. He avoided Lara to the extent possible and she felt insulted and out of place.

The problem between Salman and Lara started when Kareena replaced her in Sohail Khan's home production “Main Aur Mrs Khanna”, starring Salman. Lara was in the running for the lead role of the film but she wasn't too happy with the way she was dropped from the movie.

Also, the fact that Lara is a part of SRK's “Billoo Barber” could have partly caused Sallu to avoid Lara. After all, at the moment, he detests anyone who has anything to do with SRK.

Hot Bollywood Celebrities at the Unforgettable Tour-2008

Aishwarya to act Benazir Bhutto

According to reports in the media, Aishwarya Rai would play the role of former late Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. The movie would be produced by UTV and the officials at the production house are busy negotiating with the Pakistani officials and Mrs. Bhutto’s family.
Is this the correct time to mke a movie of such topic where the assisanation of Benazir Bhutto is yet not solved? Is Aishwarya possess the skill and tanacity to play Benazir? These uestions remains unanswered.......

Sayali caught in Love

Pakistan’s cricket captain, the dashing Shoaib Malik, is dating former Miss India and Bollywood actress Sayali Bhagat. This reporter bumped into them at a South Mumbai hotel where Shoaib was staying when they ventured into a beauty parlour in the lobby. Sayali, of course, is instantly recognisable; but Shoaib pretended to be somebody else! When he realised that he had been well caught, the Pakistani cricketer gamely signed autographs for hotel staff.

Sayali, who made her debut opposite Emran Hashmi in The Train, had hoped to keep their relationship under wraps. “We need more time because we are just getting to know each other,” she explained. Shoaib, meanwhile, could not have started off on a more sticky wicket: he was recently in the news when a Hyderabadi family claimed that he had married their daughter. Sayali defended her man, “This was a marriage proposal that he said no to. Those allegations have been legally proved baseless. Shoaib was always single!”

They met at a store opening in Delhi last year and since then, kept in touch via email and occasional phone calls. “It’s not easy, especially when he is in Pakistan,” admitted the former beauty queen. But she’s bowled over by Shoaib’s effort to make things work. “It’s so flattering, he makes special trips just for me and showers me with attention. I am in love, I guess,” Sayali said of her cricketer boyfriend who faces the tricky task of answering the Pakistan media’s questions on her.

She’s hoping this will be a Jodhaa-Akbar kind of story and said, “Our religion is not an issue, I am more concerned about the distance between us.” But, Sayali accepts that their romance might face political interference. “I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, but I believe when you want something from the heart — the whole universe conspires to get it for you. I hope that happens for us,” she said. Meanwhile, films continue to happen for her and cricket for him. He’s “cool” about her work but sometimes expresses insecurity over her hot Bollywood’s male co-stars! And she, having heard all the stories about how cricketers score off the field, hates to think of him on long tours. “I keep imagining all kinds of things when I cannot reach him,” Sayali said wistfully.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shilpa left in complete embarrassment

When the unexpected happens then the actor or the actress is left in embarrassment. But to the audience or the onlookers it will be a treat to their eyes.

When Shilpa shetty was performing her musical opera ‘Miss Bollywood in Germany late last year, just few seconds before her stage performance, her zipper tore off making her dress come down.

But since, it was at the back of the stage, this incident never came out. But it is said that when the zipper was torn apart Shilpa was in her panties without any top to support her jiggling breasts, so the only people present over there were shilpa’s. Dress designer who was a female and only four people. Out of the two people could manage to sneak a view at the shilpa’s assets. The lady immediately covered them saying why are you looking at them and covered her assets with her palms. Her designer finally covered her and also stitched her dress in about 2 minute’s time and made Shilpa’s stage performance possible on that day.

Soha Ali Khan's Bikini Waxing is No More A Secret

It is been disclosed by the sources that Soha Ali khan, who has donned a daring babe’s role recently has now involved in another controversy. recently, her bottom was exposed in a photo still and she has done a topless scenes a few months ago for the maxim cover page.

But now unknowingly her regular bikini waxing in a beauty parlor has been shot by a hidden camera and is being circulated as an MMS. It is said that a top website in association with a beauty parlor has shot the video without soha’s knowledge.

The video features Soha getting undressed and wearing a towel initially. Then her boobs, her arm pits and her bottom is revealed in the video. A woman is seen waxing all the hair in soha’s secret parts. Later arrives the episode of soha’s main secret part between her legs.

It is said that the whole video is made into two episodes and Soha’s secret part between the legs is clearly revealed with and without the pubic hair. Soha’s conversation with the waxing lady is also heard clearly and some kinky comments on her figure and her secret part is heard crystal clear.

I am still in a delima if the said stuff is true....

Please do comment on the topic

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mallika looking for a Life Partner

Yes, the kissing queen Mallika Sherawat is searching for a boy literally. Mallika was noted telling close friends that that she was now searching for a partner. The sex bomb has recently appeared in two comedies, Ugly aur Pagli and Maan Gaye Mughall-E-Azam. Though she has been doing comedy on screen, off screen, her life seems to be filled with solitude after her split with her first husband.

Mallika was heard commenting that she finds herself very lonely staying away from her family and to add to that she has been without any male partner.

In fact she went on to appeal to the media in an interview to find her a boy friend and went on to say that she was considering marriage also, if she finds a suitable groom.

Harman going Restless

Harman Baweja has found himself quite in a soup of late! The actor who’s the most sought after despite a failed debut film is trying hard to make himself free for Bhansali’s film Teen Patti as well as Gowarikar’s What’s your Rashi!

What has got the actor restless and anxious is the delay in his film Victory . The ongoing shoot has left him with no time for discussing scripts or starting other films that he has on hand. A friend close to Harman revealed, “Harman’s Victory was supposed to have wrapped up some time back but due to reasons unknown the director has been taking a little too long to finish the film and that’s why its getting a bit messy for the actor to handle his schedule. The actor is scheduled to leave for Dubai soon to finish the film based on cricketers.”

Harman’s first film might have been a failure but we hope his forthcoming films help him establish himself in Bollywood and prove his worth. And with Bhansali’s and Gowarikar’s films in his kitty, Harman might just get lucky!

Salman gets relief from the Cops

Problem child Salman Khan has guests on his game show. No, for a change they weren’t celebrities. They were the lady cops who were invited to play the game with their favorite star.

The lady cops who were hobnobbing with Salman were all praises for him. And this time round, Salman was in a mood to play pranks. Apparently he told the cops, “For a change you guys have come to me without a warrant. I’m not used to it, you know.”

The actor also revealed that apart from his many trysts with the cops in the past, there is a connection that his family has with the cops. “My nanaji (maternal grandfather) is a retired DIG, Indore. So that’s the reason the police keeps coming to me all the time,” he said tongue-in-cheek

The lady cops who were posted in Gurgaon assured Salman that if ever he gets in a scuffle when he is up North, her husband, a cop, will make sure that he is out in minutes. “That is some relief, considering the rest of the Indian police are always gunning for me,” he retorted.

Sonam refuses to work with Ranbir.

Those who wanted to see the Saawariya couple Ranbir and Sonam together once again are in for a disappointment. Recently, Sonam refused to star opposite Ranbir in a film by the latter’s friend Vicky Singh who is Farhan Akhtar’s former assistant.

We hear that quite a few filmmakers are keen to cast Sonam and Ranbir together. However, Sonam who is hurt after Ranbir broke-up with her and started dating Deepika Padukone, wants nothing to do with him.

A source said, “Sonam belongs to a very classy family and will never openly talk about matters which are close to her heart.”

However a friend of Sonam said, “Sonam is a professional. Frankly speaking, she did not like her role in Vicky’s film too much. After having done an author-backed role in Saawariya, she is in no hurry to sign too many films. She patiently heard Vicky’s script after which she told him that she wouldn’t be doing his film. She is a very clear-headed girl. She is one of those few actresses who do not dillydally for too long and keep a filmmaker waiting endlessly.”

Of course, Vicky is disappointed as this is the second time he has had a problem with his film. In 2006, he had planned to make a film Raaste with Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, John Abraham and Sikander Kher. But, the project has still not gone on the floors.

Although Saawariya may not have got good collections at the box-office, the unanimous decision is that the chemistry between Ranbir and Sonam was sizzling. That was the key reason why Vicky wanted to cast Ranbir and Sonam together. While Ranbir seemed to have no problem working with Sonam once again, Sonam seemed apprehensive about being part of the film.

When contacted to know why Sonam turned down Vicky’s film opposite Ranbir, Sonam’s father, Anil Kapoor said, “It was purely Sonam’s call. I don’t interfere in her work. You may speak to Sonam or her manager Moumita.”

Sonam’s manager Moumita said, “It was Sonam’s decision not to do Vicky’s film.”

“Right now, Sonam is doing Rakeysh Mehra’s Dilli 6. She has many offers and is reading a lot of scripts. Recently, there were rumours that she is doing Shimit Amin's next film (which again might star Ranbir), but let me tell you that we have not even been approached for it. She will soon sign some new projects. Let’s see what she signs next,” added Moumita.

Sush is the Indian Madonna

There’s more than adopted children that Madonna and Sushmita Sen have in common. The Material Girl and our Miss Universe are both deeply into Kabbalah. For the uninitiated, Kabbalah is a discipline and school of thought that explores the mystical aspect of Judaism. Madonna, of course, has been a Kabbalah believer from ever since, but Sushmita has got into it recently.

“I was chasing a particular number, 47, which I thought was very auspicious and this led me to the study of Kabbalah,” explained Ms Sen. “So I went to the Kabbalah Centre in New York and picked up every single possible literature they had on the subject. Today I feel like I know it a bit.”

That was two-and-half years ago. Since then, the actress says Kabbalah has brought about fabulous changes in her life. “We are talking about anti-ageing and stuff. All of this is to age gracefully, not to fight it, not restrict yourself to other peoples’ definition of ageing or of growing old. Through Kabbalah, I found ways to stay young and yet, gracefully accept that every single line on your face is something you’ve earned. So as long as you enjoy and cherish them, you’re going to age gracefully and like who you are,” she said earnestly
On the work front, the actress is currently involved with Dulha Mil Gaya and the yet to be released Karma Confessions And Holi. “There’s also David Dhawan’s film, the working title of which is Do Not Disturb, in which I’m with Govinda,” she said.

Most importantly, there’s Jhansi Ki Rani Lakshmibai which Sushmita is producing, directing and acting in. Talking about this whole experience, she said, “It’s a tough call, because of the sheer size of the canvas of the film that I want to make. I’d much rather be doing three years of pre-production than three years of post-production. I have a very emotional tie with the film. Tons of work has gone into the scripting, presentation, etc. I want it to be a 2010 release and if everything goes well, Insha Allah it should be so,” she added.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Music of Chamku Disappoints...

After the huge success of 'Saawariya', expectations were high from composer Monty Sharma's next work. But sadly, the music of 'Chamku' disappoints. The album has six tracks but none of them can be termed brilliant.

'Aaja milke' starts the album on a sweet note. A romantic number, it has been perfectly rendered by Shreya Ghoshal. Known for giving her best shot to romantic tracks, Shreya does a splendid job. The lyrics are impressive and go well with the music.
Richa Sharma croons the next track titled 'Kithe Jawa'. Her voice is suitable for folk songs, but Monty Sharma makes her sing the number that is interspersed with Western influences. The song is just an average piece.

'Gola gola' continues with the rustic theme and is sung by Abhijeet Bhattacharya and Vaishali Samant. It isn't a very interesting number.

Next is 'Trance'. This track comes out of the blue and strikes you with its Western touch. Lyrics are nice and the music is quite heady and unheard of in Bollywood. But how popular this song by Soumya Raoh, Anaida and Saleem Shahzada will become is yet to be seen.

'Dukh ke badri' is another average song rendered by Parthiv Gohil, Shail and Kalpana. The lyrics have been penned by Sameer. This slow, sentimental track is quite avoidable.

On the whole, the 'Chamku' album is unimpressive. Of all the songs, 'Aaja Milke' can be termed the best, but otherwise, the album is really not recommended.

Darsheel in Priyadarshan's Next Venture

Child prodigy Darsheel Safary won everyone's hearts with his sensitive portrayal of dyslexic Ishaan Awasthi in Aamir Khan's directorial debut Taare Zameen Par. Since then, Darsheel has been seen endorsing many brands and has even made appearances at a number of social dos and award functions. However, he still was playing the waiting game before signing his next film.

Now it seems the wait is finally over. Darsheel would be seen playing the lead role in the remake of Oscar nominated film Children of Heaven. The remake would be directed by ace director Priyadarshan.

Majid Majidi's Children of Heaven tells to story of young Ali and his sister Zahra and their adventures over a lost pair of shoes. Shooting for the remake, which is being produced by Percept Picture Company, commences on September 12. The film is expected to be ready by March 2009.

Aamir does the Ladies Act Yet Again

IT'S the X and Y chromosomes at war within Aamir Khan. The actor plays a woman again, or at least half man and half woman. For a hilarious TV commercial for Tata Sky, Aamir plays both a Punjabi bride and bridegroom bickering over what satellite TV connection to install.

The commercial, that airs on Monday, shows the actor dressed one half in a pink salwar kameez complete with dupatta and the other half in a blue sherwani.

This Punjabi bride and bridegroom squabble on their suhaag raat over what satellite connection to install - the woman says she'll go back to her maaike in London if she doesn't get 'technological' Sky, while the groom forcefully insists that he will only use the 'barosemann' Tata. Of course, it all ends lovey dovey when the couple find out that they are quarrelling over the same product.

The star was so taken in by the idea that he agreed to produce it himself. Aamir Khan Productions has worked on the creative by Rediffusion and the ad has been directed by dialogue writer and Phir Hera Pheri director Neeraj Vora.

Aamir Khan, currently in the US, comments in the making of segment, "I had to change my body language from a woman to a man in a split second so the mind had to be alert and sharp." Indeed, it is this quick back and forth between the man and his wife that keeps the viewer in splits - Aamir does it so effortlessly, switching his voice from high-pitched to baritone in the blink of an eye. "It was bizarre because it's me as a man and a woman, just by turning around," he says.

Director Neeraj, whose association with Aamir dates back to his Rangeela and Mann days, told Sunday MiD DAY, "Aamir has the capacity to surprise. Working with him is like driving a Mercedes or BMW over any other car."

Neeraj remembers how Aamir painstakingly spent six-seven hours in a parlour to transform into a woman for a song in Baazi. "But he captures the attitude and essence in such a correct manner that it's never undignified. It doesn't look as if he's mocking women, just playing them."

Neeraj is curious to see how viewers respond to the man-woman. "We chose a Punjabi couple because they are usually outspoken, their excitement is wider and they are so colourful. I knew Aamir would play it best."

Since Aamir's look was key in the ad, make-up was done by the gifted Mickey Contractor, who fashioned one side of his lip with a curvy moustache and painted another a plum red. Costume designer Arjun Bhasin also got into the act, creating an outfit that was one half a sherwani, the other a salwar kameez down to the separate jootas, while hair stylist Adhuna Akhtar fashioned a wig that was both a crop and a long, decorated choti. "The wig was tricky," grins Aamir, who even wore a half-bra to get into the act.

Aamir is now signed on as the new face of the brand, confirmed Vikram Mehra, chief marketing officer of Tata Sky. "We were really holding our breath when we approached Aamir with the concept, but he bought it."

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Deepika Is the World's Sexiest Woman

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone was voted as the world's sexiest woman by a popular men's lifestyle magazine in Mumbai on Friday evening.

She was adjudged 'Maxim HOT 100' based on reader's reaction, industry feedback and gauging the potential to be the "next big thing" on an international level.

Deepika joins the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Eva longoria, Marissa Miller by topping the list that features several Bollywood celebrities like Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor.

She was found to be an ideal girl who is 100 per cent Indian and has the potential to represent new India on the global platform.

Deepika told reporters that she was happy over the fact that it's the first time that an Indian is being presented on the international platform.

"I'm very happy after being voted as the world's sexiest woman as I had never expected this. But I'm happier over the fact that it's the first time that an Indian is being presented on the international platform so I'm very happy," said Deepika.

The twenty-two years old actress Deepika Padukone became an overnight sensation after she starred in Farah Khan directed super hit film "Om Shanti Om" where she starred opposite Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan.

Kareena wears a new look

Kareena Kapoor is all set to fly to Paris to shoot an advertisement for an apparel chain and the Bollywood actress will don a new look, thanks to a French make-up artist.

Kareena is the brand ambassador of retail chain Globus and the firm has decided to make the ad on a grand scale in Paris, complete with a makeover by a French artist, a company official said.

'The French artist is going to create a new look for her. We are giving her a complete makeover and she will surely look different and as usual stunning,' the executive said.

Company authorities also believe that she is their lucky charm.

'Kareena is a style icon for today's youth. The decision to select Kareena as our brand ambassador has fetched the brand an international recognition,' the official added.

Kareena replaced Soha Ali Khan as the face of the Globus retail chain late last year.

The Khiladi is now the Ambassador of Levi

After the unprecedented success of the Anees Bazmee directed Singh Is Kinng, Akshay Kumar is on top of the world. The film has not just upped his Bollywood status, but has also made him the advertiser's darling.
After endorsing brands like Thumbs Up and Grasim, Akshay has now been roped in as the Brand Ambassador for the American Jeans and casual wear manufacturer, Levi Strauss, for launching its brand Levi's 501 in India. According to reliable sources, Akshay has been paid a whopping sum for the endorsement of the jeans brand, whose ads have been shot in some of the most stunning locations of Los Angeles. These ads are expected to go on air from the last week of this month.

Main Hoon Na Pair to be Seen On Screen Yet Again

Shah Rukh Khan and Sushmita Sen's chemistry set the screen on fire the last time they were paired opposite each other in Farah Khan's Main Hoon Na. That was a long time back, 2004 to be precise. Now the duo would once again be seen together in Viveck Vaswani's film Dulha Mil Gaya.
This film has been long in the making due to various reasons. However, Viveck had earlier announced right here that the film is now 90% complete. The makers are even eyeing a release sometime around January next year. The film, directed by Mudassar Aziz also stars Fardeen Khan in a prominent role. Dulha Mil Gaya, apart from a stellar cast, also has some beautiful scenes shot aboard a luxury liner and in the Carribean islands. So that's one more reason to check out this film when it opens across cinema halls early next year.

Shilpa Hurt, Upset & Alligated

Shilpa Shetty is kind of hugely upset. This is payback time. And the gorgeous actress and television host was not holding back any. First things first, she had nothing with her UK protagonist Jade Goody coming down to Mumbai for her reality television show, nor anything to do with Goody’s sudden departure either. Ditto for politician Ramdas Athavale being kept out of the show allegedly because he is a Dalit. So, why should people burn an effigy of her in Thane?

“How am I at fault? Am I the channel or part owner of it? It’s the prerequisite of the channel to decide who’s in and who’s not. I’m being paid to host the show and that’s where my job ends,” Shilpa snapped. Naturally, she’s hurt by the incident and is expecting an apology. “It’s disgusting to hear people saying things like ‘Shilpa Shetty ke putle ko jala diya.’ It’s disrespect shown to me and for no good reason.”

As for Goody, Shilpa said, “I think it’s presumptuous of the press to believe her departure was stage managed. I don’t think the channel would go to such an extent just for TRPs.” Goody, she clarified, is suffering from cancer which is in the second stage. “I spoke to her and she wished she could have stayed longer,” added Shilpa. Yes, it was true that the show’s participants had to undergo medical and psychological tests, but Goody was decided on at the last minute. “Let’s show a bit of empathy towards someone who is suffering, let’s not treat her like a news item,” Shilpa pleaded.

There’s also the rumour that she’s lobbying to get sister Shamita Shetty into the Big Brother show in London. “Not true,” Shilpa retorted, “Shamita is only holidaying in London. And she would never do any reality show. She’s different from me, she’s an introvert, there no question of her being able to stay in a house for 13 long weeks.”

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Celina Supports The Gay / Lesbian Community

India held it's first ever Gay/Lesbian Pride Parade this past weekend and Bollywood starlet Celina Jaitley was there to show her support. Now there have been films that have touched on the subject, like Girlfriend, Men Not Allowed, Fire and most recently the unreleased, Dostana. But all of those films (with the exception of Dostana) were met with protests. But this Pride Parade shows further steps to make the Gay/Lesbian community more acceptable in Indian societies.

Amrita ao does a Hot Item Number

Has Shyam Benegal been lured by the item song?

The legendary director of classics like Ankur, Nishant, Bhumika and Manthan will apparently feature Amrita Rao in what looks like an item number in his latest film, Welcome To Sajjanpur.

Initially titled Mahadev Ka Sajjanpur, the film also features Shreyas Talpade, playing a letter-writer in a village of uneducated people.

A set on Ramoji Studios in Hyderabad was converted into a small village called Sajjanpur. When the cast reported on the sets each day, they used to greet each other thus: "Welcome to Sajjanpur".

Talpade then suggested to Benegal that he consider renaming the film Welcome To Sajjanpur; the director agreed.

Amrita is said to feature in an item song, part of a dream sequence. Quite a change from the previous roles the demure lass has essayed and quite a change from Mr Benegal's films too!

Sequel of Mr India sees Return of Sri Devi

Hawa-hawai girl Srivedi is all set to make a grand comeback in the film industry. The actress will soon be seen in a sequel to the 1987 hit, Mr. India. Sridevi's husband Boney Kapoor and his brother Anil Kapoor, who played the lead in Mr. India, will once again team up for this ambitious project. Manmohan Shetty too has joined hands with Boney to make the film. The characters of Seema (played by Sridevi) and Arun (played by Anil Kapoor) in Mr. India will be carried forward in the sequel.

Our source said, “Sridevi will be back with the film and the script is being finalised. The film will be a sequel and not a remake of Mr. India. Anil Kapoor is very excited about the film while Boney is leaving no stone unturned to make the film bigger and better than the first part.

This time, the audience will be in for a visual treat as there will be a whole lot of special effects in the film. Boney is also planning to tie up with a major SFX company. This film is the key reason why Sridevi turned down so many film offers recently. She was waiting for Mr. India's sequel to make her comeback.”

“Mr. India was a superhit film. People still remember all the characters of the film and the very prospect of a sequel is gathering a lot of interest. Sridevi has lost oodles of weight and is looking fabulous these days. She is very excited about her comeback,” added the source.

We contacted Boney Kapoor to give us some more details about the film. “We are making Mr. India 2 and things have been moving forward gradually. But I would like to announce the film only after everything is finalised,” said Boney.

Shilpa starts tthe Big Boss Season-II with a Bang

So, Season 2 of Bigg Boss is here, and this time choice of people is really good and we can say that this time drama is going to be more spicy and big.

From Rahul Mahajan to Monica Bedi most of the people has been in lime lights due to bad reasons, so definitely they will try to clear their image. Raja Choudhry seems to play the emotions card, and Rahul Mahajan was busy in building his supportive image.

If Rahul Roy, previous season’s winner has to be believed Monica Bedi is going to win the show.

Well Here are the lucky ones who are in the BIG BOSS's House:-
Rahul Mahajan
Sanjay Nirupam
Jade Goody
Monica Bedi
Sambhavna Seth
Payal Rohatgi
Raja Chaudhary
Ketki Dave
Rakhi Vijayan
Ashutosh Kaushik
Zulfi Syed
Debojit Saha
Ehsaan Qureshi

Negar Khan looks Hot & Sexy In Dubai

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm still in love with Udita Goswami: Mohit Suri

Rubbishing rumours of a rift with girlfriend Udita Goswami, director Mohit Suri says their relationship is far from over and that they have just taken a break from each other.

'I don't know why this image of me as a Casanova is being splashed around. I'm very uncomfortable with it. I've been seeing Udita for four years now and I'm very much in love with her,' Mohit told IANS.

He's directing Kangana Ranaut in 'Raaz: Some Secrets Are Yet To Revealed' in Shimla and there were rumours of a link-up between them. Mohit was quick to brush these aside.

'Udita and I have taken a break from each other. I'm sure we'll be together again. This is a crucial phase in our relationship. The last thing I need for Udita to hear is that I'm having an affair with someone else. Please,' added the director of films like 'Kalyug' and 'Awarapan'.

Mohit admitted there have been problems between him and Udita because of his workload. And the rumours of an affair with Kangana don't help either.

'Kangana and I have known each other from the time she came into the industry. We've done a film together earlier. 'Raaz' is a difficult role because she plays a woman possessed. It's her film all the way,' clarified Mohit.

The director said Udita was unable to understand his passion for making movies.

'Udita can't understand my passion for my work. When I'm shooting I'm a man possessed... just like Kangana's character in 'Raaz'.

'I can't think of anything else, not even love. This is where our differences cropped up. She being a woman was able to give much more of herself than I am to our relationship. I hate myself for it and am trying to find a way out,' said Mohit.

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Shiney follows Aamir

Hijack hero Shiney Ahuja has been spotted at a few parties hobnobbing with the Bollywood brigade. Now this is very unlike Shiney Ahuja. The actor who has acquired an image of being reserved and distant is suddenly making his presence felt. “It’s a conscious move,” admits Ahuja.

Apparently, Shiney has realized the importance of having PR and good will in the industry. “You know it first struck me when I saw Aamir Khan appearing on various chat shows and game shows. The man who is known for staying away from the media was suddenly everywhere. That really hit me.”

“I realized that the trend was changing and the otherwise reclusive actors were now coming out in the open and interacting with the lay man and their fans through media. Aamir started this and I’m following suit,” says Shiney.

Now we know what makes the serious actor sport a big smile and a friendlier attitude whenever in public.

Aish is Bips Favourite...

Bollywood's dusky beauty Bipasha Basu has carved a niche for herself in Hindi cinema and says she has no intentions of going to Hollywood because filmmakers there are familiar with only one Indian actor - Aishwarya Rai.

"No filmmakers of Hollywood are willing to sign any Bollywood actor without a screen test apart from Aishwarya. They seem to know no Hindi film actors, not even Amitabh Bachchan, " Bipasha told.

"I got a chance to go there, but I found out that I will have start again from scratch like screen tests and other tantrums. They treat you like a newcomer. So I decided to stay in Mumbai and be the 'queen' here, " said the actress who was in town to promote "Bachna Ae Haseeno".

Talking about the film with newcomer Ranbir Kapoor, Bipasha said she signed on because she hadn't done a romantic movie for quite some time.

"I haven't done an out-an-out romantic film for a long time so when I heard the script of this film, I found it a little fresh.

"I play Radhika, who comes all the way from Ranchi to Mumbai to become an actor. But she ends up being a member of (choreographer) Shiamak Davar's dance troupe."

Bipasha doesn't seem to mind sharing screen space with two other actresses - Minissha Lamba and Deepika Padukone in the film.

"I am okay with even a 10-minute role provided I get an apt character and my share of attention on screen. Anyway, if you are a Bollywood heroine, you have very limited choice. I was intelligent enough to realise it long back and hence am picking up roles that look good on-screen, " she said.

Arshad -The Real Munna Bhai

He might have played a jigri dost to Munnabhai on reel, but in real life, the roles have changed. Yes, Arshad Warsi proved to be a real Munnabhai who cares for ill people and tries his best to make them happy.

Arshad Warsi who was shooting in Newcastle, England of his film Kaun Bola ?, took some time out to visit a young fan who is battling a rare lung disease.

A close pal of the actor explained that the girl's uncle Ifty Khan was working in the production team of Warsi's film in Newcastle. Arshad came to know through him the plight of his fan Ayesha and he immediately took a break and went on to visit her. Apparently, Ayesha was speechless on Warsi's arrival.

It is believed that 15 year old Ayesha Ahmed is a resident of Fenham in Newcastle. She suffers from Wagener’s disease, an immune system disorder which has affected her lungs, making it hard to breathe. The young teenager survives on an oxygen machine 24 hours a day. She has been hospitalized in the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle.

“Arshad heard Ifty speaking on phone with his sister for a long time. He was very concerned so Arshad asked him what the matter was, that's when Arshad came to know about Ayesha. Ifty informed Arshad that Ayesha is his fan and how resilient, intelligent and brave she was battling such a dreaded disorder. That's when Arshad decided to visit her to boost her confidence and to cheer her up,” says a close friend of Arshad.

He further informs that Arshad was shooting the whole night till almost 5 am in the morning without taking his required sleep and still went to meet her around early noon. He surprised her by dropping in her ward for a chat with her.

These are real life heroes and we salute you, Arshad !!!

Bips in a Bad Mood?

On Sunday, Bips was in a bad mood, or what? During the promotion of Bachna Ae Haseeno at Fame South City in Kolkata the normally affable Bipasha Basu's behavior shocked the Bengali media.

She refused to speak in her mother tongue, curtly asking journalists to question her only in English. She also refused to pose for pictures, except before the posters of her film.

Says a source present at the venue, “It was shocking that she behaved in such a discourteous manner. The event organiser lashed out at the press stating that she shouldn't be asked any personal questions, but Ranbir Kapoor who was also present with her, gamely fielded questions about Deepika.”

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