Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Preity Zinta prefers North East India to Switzerland

Preity ZintaActress Preity Zinta may be out of scene these days as far as films are concerned, but the pretty lady has a strong desire to shoot for one of her next projects in the North East parts of India.

During a recent media interaction Preity, who is from Himachal Pradesh, said she has always been fond of places that have a natural beauty about them.

Preity says that she prefers Shillong over Switzerland, and fails to understand as to why Bollywood filmmakers fly all the way to Switzerland for shooting at exotic locations for their film. The actress recommends that they book tickets to Shillong for the same!

Preity also added that she’s very keen on shooting one of her next films in the North East of India because of the fact that it has so much unexplored beauty there.

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