Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shah Rukh Khan called a Kafir

Shah Rukh Khan’s comments on Prophet Mohammed seem to have taken a grave turn for him. Mufti Mohammed Shoeb Raza Qadri and Mufti Muti-ur-Rehman of the ‘Darul-uloom-Mazhar-e-Islam’, has issued a fatwa against SRK over the same.

Mufti Mohammed has apparently called Shah Rukh a ‘Kafir’. He also went on to say that such a person should be thrown out of the Muslim community. Mufti has gone on to comment that Shah Rukh’s marriage with Gauri was nullified and Shah Rukh must not be allowed to be buried in any Muslim graveyard.

However, the Bareilly-based Markazi Darul Ifta, responsible for issuing fatwas dismissed the decree saying the move by the two clerics was ‘unnecessary’. Shah Rukh has also strongly denied the comments attributed to him.

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