Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Angelina Jolie finds Brad Pitt ugly

Angelina Jolie is apparently not happy with partner Brad Pitt these days coz his shabby looks. She has urged the actor to get rid of his ridiculous beard hiding his bad looks and have a facelift so that she found him attractive again.

The sad truth is Brad looks like a pale shadow of his former self. His skin is in terrible condition and he’s grown this ridiculous beard to try and cover-up how bad he looks underneath.

Angelina tried to be understanding and at first didn’t want to say anything, fearing she could hurt his feelings but with each passing week, she was finding him less and less attractive. It has finally got to the point where she was seeing him as a brother or friend than as a sexual partner.

When Brad finally called Angie out about her lack of desire to jump in the sack with him, it led to a horrific argument. She told him he just isn’t the same handsome man she fell in love. Brad couldn’t believe what she was saying, but once he calmed down he vowed to take action.

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