Friday, April 23, 2010

Neetu Chandra imitate Smita Patel in a bathing sequence

Neetu ChandraNeetu Chandra's on a wet footing. Chandra has enacted a sensuous bathing scene in 'The Apartment’ and comparisons are being drawn between the late Smita Patil's outdoor clean up in 'Chakra' and her soapy effort in the Jagmohan Mundhra flick.

"I have been compared to Smitaji ever since I did 'Traffic Signal'. I know that Smitaji has done a similar bathing scene in 'Chakra', but that was outdoors and this one is in a rundown broken bathroom. Smitaji was a legend, and if I can be one per cent of what she was, my life is set," said Chandra.

Chandra, however, states that she wasn't totally nervous about this watery move. "Jag sir said that he would present me aesthetically and that I could call the shots and get the scene edited out if I did not like the end results." She revealed.
On her family's reaction to this bold step, Chandra said, "I'm only answerable to my work, and nobody else. And I take my own decisions."

Guess, it's a watered down matter….

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