Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anushka Sharma misses out on Arundhati - The biggest hit of Tollywood

One of the biggest hit in the history of Telugu cinema - Arundhati is all set to be remade into Hindi.The producer of the Telugu version, M. Shyam Prasad Reddy has decided to remake the film in Hindi.

The makers of Arundhati were very keen to sign Anushka Sharma to plays the central role of Arundhati in this woman-dominated film as they needed someone strong robust young and determined and very North Indian as the lead in Hindi for which shewas just perfect.

But the producer was under the impression that she's under contract with Yashraj Films and unable to do any outside film. So they settled for the actress who played the lead in the Telugu Arundhati whose name is also Anushka.

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