Sunday, April 19, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire child artist Rubina Ali on sale

Child actress Rubina Ali who played young Latika in the Oscar winning film - Slumdog Millionaire is been put on sale by her greedy dad. In a bid to cash in on Rubina`s international stardom her father Rafiq Qureshi has put her for adoption.

They were approached by one wealthy Middle Eastern family who saw their plight in an item on Al Jazeera TV. The couple expressed an interest in adopting young Rubina and her parent’s eyes lit up. He is demanding nearly 200k pounds.

Rubina’s family are furious that despite the film being a great success and their pretty daughter becoming so famous, they are still living in such rough conditions. Dad Rafiq knows that soon his daughter’s success will be forgotten and her moment of fame will be over. He has a family to feed and simply can’t afford it.

The Middle East family were moved to tears by the plight of the young orphans and fell in love with Rubina. This family wanted to take Rubina abroad. The approach has made Rafiq very greedy and he has said that he will consider the highest offer for his child.

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