Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bipasha Basu unperturbed by wardrobe malfunction

Bipasha Basu - The spice babe of bollywood, is termed as one of the hottest babe but she remains super cool in a catch 22 situation. She is seen performing in almost every award function, recently has had a wardrobe malfunction but she remained unfazed throughout.

The actress was roped in to perform for a tribute to the music of 70`s at a Music awards function when she realized there was a wardrobe malfunction with her skirt and the prop that she was planning to use in the performance. This malfunction happened not once but thrice. But despite all these problems Bipasha did not let it hamper her performance.

The actress changed her costumes in between the dance performances but carried the entire show with grace without giving a hint to anyone that she was upset with the costumes. Had it been some one else they would have panicked and thrown tantrums.

One can watch this performance on TV very soon.

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