Sunday, August 30, 2009

Megan Fox fined for wrong parking

‘Transformers’ star Megan Fox was fined recently for illegal parking. The 23-year-old star had parked her Mercedes-Benz in a no parking zone in the Los Angeles beachside suburb of Santa Monica.

When she spotted the attendant, the actress tried to talk her way out of the fine, but to no avail. The star was seen getting into her car with the parking ticket, visibly annoyed.

Fox, who was taking a break from promoting her next film ‘Jennifer’s Body’ was seen wearing an unusual pair of six-inch black and white PVC wedge heels. Despite her dressed down appearance in a grey T-shirt and black leggings, Megan gave her outfit a touch of eccentricity with her eye-catching footwear.

‘Jennifer’s Body’ is Fox’s first lead role, in which she plays a possessed cheerleader who tries to kill all her schoolmates.

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