Monday, July 20, 2009

Saif Ali Khan to Kareena Kapoor’s help

With mystery still of the famous Kareena-Shahid split still in news, the idea of watching a jilted love triangle based on Kareena-Shahid and Saif onscreen did stir interest among audiences. But Chhote Nawab did not seem to be keen on the concept. Unlike Kareena Kapoor and her ex-beau Shahid, who kept their silence on the subject, Saif Ali Khan has lashed out at filmmakers trying to capitalise on Kareens’s love life.

Passionate as ever on Bebo’s matter, the actor is breathing fire on news that his lady’s love life has influenced a movie ‘Secret Life of Kareena’.

Appalled and strangely amused, Saif said, "I am a little upset that my character is called Saifee. It should have had a cooler name, Sameer or something like that. But honestly, on a more serious note, it can be very offensive for Kareena. I think it is a tasteless thing to do, trying to get excitement and publicity based on Kareena’s life. Abroad, people do write tacky stories based on celebrities’ lives, but this is India. I think that’s not funny at all. I am half amused and half disgusted."

Out to clear all controversies, the actor also denied reports suggesting that he had undergone Botox treatment to get that younger look for his debut production ‘Love Aaj Kal’. "

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